Subleasing Part 1 | How to Post a Sublease

After tuition, renting an apartment is the largest expense students have when they go to college. The traditional twelve-month lease leaves many students with an empty apartment while they travel to pursue a full-time job or internship. The uncertain financial burden can ruin what is otherwise a positive life changing event.

RenTrust wants to help ease the stress of paying for two apartments when you only live in one. Even with technology changing at a rapid pace, you still can’t be in two places at once. Below are a few tips to help get you started with your sublease post.  

Sublet Posting Basics

An effective strategy to consider is to think “Would I rent this place?” Your sublease post should include great photos, a description of the neighborhood, and a persona that highlights the unique parts of your apartment. You should use descriptive words when writing about your home. Is your living room cozy? Is the floor plan open? What is your favorite thing about the apartment?

Add any critical information about roommates, public transit routes, and what furnishings are staying in the apartment, so you don’t waste your time answering those questions in a phone call.

1. Take Great Photos

The best posts have photos that includes outside the home, living areas, and the bedroom. Below is a good collection of photos for you to reference. Make sure you clean up the house before taking photos to give the rooms a sense of depth. Each photo should have a touch of filtering (more information here) that makes them look nice. For inspiration, you can look at professional photos of houses for sale and follow some of their styles. 

2. Describe the Surrounding Area

When describing your neighborhood, add a personal touch. Is there a great coffee shop nearby you enjoy? Is the park nice in the summertime? Are there cool events to attend? When you add some personal notes, it allows for people to imagine themselves living there and differentiates your place over someone else's. If you want to take it a step further, include the typical time it takes to travel to these landmarks.

3. Give your home a Persona

To really stand out a from other listings, give your home a persona. Explain the type of person that would like to live there. For example, is the home perfect for a quiet bookworm or the ideal location for someone to enjoy the nightlife? You can even highlight items you are leaving in the apartment like great cookware or vintage record player.


RenTrust was created to make the subletting process easier and less stressful for students. Our community starts with you, the sublease posters who want the peace of mind when pursuing your career goals. When the marketplace goes live, utilize the tips above to create the best post possible!


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