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New York has always been known as the financial center of the world, dominated by big banks who recruit some of the most talented students to join them. However, as industry starts to shift in favor of technology companies, New York is shifting too. The number of tech jobs has increased by almost 50% since 2010. With the likes of Google, Facebook, and IBM growing their presence in the concrete jungle, many students are finding themselves interning in Manhattan instead of Silicon Valley.

Ryan began his masters program looking to land a job in tech and was lucky enough to have the option between both coasts. He ultimately chose the Big Apple over the Bay Area.

“Google was my first choice from the beginning of recruiting season mainly because I wanted high-tech experience to compliment my small company background. When they offered me the internship, I had the option to choose from a few cities. Honestly, I wanted to be in New York to see what the big city was all about.”


The Search

Now that Ryan had decided to spend his summer in New York, he had to find a place to live. The rental market in New York City is notorious for being anything but straightforward. Ryan emphasized that while it was fun learning about a new city, he struggled to lock down a short-term place to stay.

“When I first started looking, I didn’t know the difference between East Village and Brooklyn. My classmates from the area sat down with me and explained the differences in neighborhoods, what made certain places unique, and what to expect. It was cool to learn about such a historical place through their perspective.
But once I started searching, I realized how complicated New York housing is. The worst part was getting excited about a place, but getting no response from the owner. After about fifteen tries, I finally got lucky. An NYU student responded saying she might have availability. She had someone else reserve it but gave me the ‘I will let you know if something changes’ phrase. Something did change, the other person ended up being too lazy to confirm the apartment so I got it instead.”

The Post

While he was struggling to find an apartment in New York, Ryan was also trying to manage his own house back in Pittsburgh. He knew that his target demographic, students coming for internships or people in between houses, was a difficult target. The rest was an exercise in patience.

“It took awhile. I had my place up on Craigslist for about three months before someone finally reserved it. The whole process was pretty frustrating because I had to vet random people and our goals had to align. That was before we talked about move in dates, deposits, and what would be left in the apartment. In the end it worked out and I was able to store my personal belongings since I was moving back in after the summer.”


Ryan was fortunate to avoid paying rent in two different cities, but it didn’t come without a struggle. If you want to avoid the headache of housing then join our growing community! You can also  follow us on Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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