Meet the Team

Crystal Sanchez, Co-Founder

Arizona State Alumni and Carnegie Mellon MBA 

"While searching for internship housing in the Bay Area last summer, I was denied multiple times because my timeline did not align with landlords and investors needs. Stressed, I requested access to multiple local university resources to communicate with other students, but the information was incredibly disorganized and unhelpful. When I heard my peers from other universities had the same problems, I knew there had to be a better way. That is why I wanted to create RenTrust!"

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Marc Rosenberg, Co-Founder

Florida State Alumni and Carnegie Mellon MBA 

"I found it impossible to find someone to sublease my apartment before leaving for a summer internship. Worried that I would have to pay rent in two different cities, I finally found someone that would lease my place for the year. Because of that, looking for a short-term place for the summer, and knowing I need a new place when I got back, housing search started to become a part-time job. There had to be a better, more efficient way to move around. That is why I wanted to create RenTrust, for students by students!"

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