Internship Season | 3 BIG things to do post-offer​

We understand the highs and lows of recruiting season. First, there are the hundreds of applications you submit to companies hoping you are “what they are looking for.” Then comes the interviews, which we are pretty sure are the most exhausting thing to do in a day. Finally, an offer comes through on your dream position at your dream company. All the preparation, perspiration, and skill-building has synergized.We have been in your shoes and were relieved that the job resources we used payed off. However, we found that there wasn’t much to prepare us for after landing an internship or full-time job. That is why we created this company and this blog. We are passionate about helping students achieve more by providing them with the tools to eliminate the worries about moving post-job offer. They say that “practice makes perfect” but you cannot practice finding a place to live. You are forced to commit time and energy into selecting the best living situation for yourself. RenTrust believes that this should be efficient, safe, affordable...and fun, so we created this platform for you (and for us!)


We know that moving to a new city can be a stressful event because you have two separate locations to worry about. First things first, make sure you check with your landlord or property manager if you can sublease, or try to find a way to get out of your current lease. Next, post your place as soon as possible. It can take some time to find someone you are comfortable moving into your home. We realize that this is a complex concept and will elaborate more on this in future posts. To find a place, start with your budget and determine what type of lifestyle you want to have for the summer. Be patient with the process of finding a place, you don’t want to rush something that is this important. You may have received an internship offer in the early or late stages of recruiting season relative to your peers. You may worry that there are not enough options. It is okay, thousands of other people are going through the same thing and it always works out!


Your new career move might require that you move to a new city you have never been to before. Awesome! You should do a little research on the history of the area and some cool places to go. What is absolutely crucial is checking the historical weather of that area so you are well prepared for the elements. There is nothing worse than wasting suitcase space on sweaters in 90 degree weather. It could get expensive with all those checked baggage fees - you'd be better off buying some basic items at your destination. We also suggest that you have a very detailed list of items to pack, and when the time comes, you physically check things off the list to avoid that “what did I forget” feeling.


So you accept a great internship or full-time offer in Chicago / New York / San Francisco, you print out a packing list even though you don’t move for another two months, and you find a great little place in the city with a 30 minute commute. You are literally crushing it! The next and final piece of advice we have is to see what information you can get about the people you are working with, the company itself, and the details of your job assignment. These elements will play a huge role in your experience, as well as your success. Reach out to network with people in the company and ask them about their experiences. Talk to HR or your supervisor to see if there is any reading material you can have before the start date. If you know other fellow interns or new hires, share the information you get with them and start building a network with them.


The RenTrust teams want you to be successful and give you the tools necessary to get the job done! Our platform aims to be the best place for you to search housing options while chasing your dreams. If you have any questions or would like content on a specific topic, feel free to comment below or email us at You can also  follow us on Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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